TSC is now part of Eddyfi Technologies

We operate a dedicated Rentals business, because we recognise that customers often need support at short notice, backed-up with rapid response. Consequently, we provide a 24/7 Rentals facility that is well stocked with calibrated equipment, ready for despatch at short notice to any part of the world.

By dealing directly with TSC, our customers are assured of renting the latest equipment, supported by great service and advice from ACFM® experts.

Our rental guarantee is that:

  • We function test all equipment before every despatch, using our own TSC-qualified technicians and provide written certification
  • Customers have access to Level 3 ACFM® support services before, during and post project, to ensure that they have the most suitable ACFM® rental system for the works.
  • Our levels of customer support are second to none. Renting from TSC ensures our customers get the best support and equipment every time.
  • Customers have access to our bespoke probe design services for those difficult to inspect areas, so that our customers get the best possible results.
  • Customers with long-term rental frame agreements can have access to our ACFM® Technician Competence & Training service.

Our rental equipment includes:

  • AMIGO™ Instrument System>
  • U31D™ Instrument System>

All Rentals equipment is supplied with the most commonly used probes.

AMIGO™ Instrument System

Perfect for above-water inspection operations, the AMIGO™ provides all the regular advantages of ACFM® inspection, but in a smaller, lighter package. Other added benefits include a long battery life and support for simple array probes.

U31D™ Instrument System

The U31D™ is the ideal equipment choice for underwater inspection undertaken by divers. Commonly used for routine offshore inspection of floating and fixed platforms, the U31D™ allows inspection of all common underwater structural weld details and repaired areas.

For inspection works that need to be undertaken in water depths beyond diver reach, our Inspection Services offer technology that can be remotely deployed in depths up to 3,000m.